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Offering a variety of mechanical rides in Dade and Broward

Please call Mega Party Events at 305.971.8494 or use our Contact Form if you are interested in renting any of our mechanical rides for your birthday, fundraiser or corporate event. We are the experts in the Miami Party rental industry offering the widest selections of mechanical rides available in South Florida!

Check out some of our most popular mechanical rides below!

  • Similar to the teacups mechanical ride seen at fairs but instead of teacups its tubs! A great thrilling ride for those that like to spin real fast! This mechanical ride has quickly become our hottest rental. Great for big events and carnivals. Who can spin their tub fastest? Requires a space of 40’x 40’x 6′ for set up.
    Tubs of Fun
  • The thrill seekers mechanical amusement ride! This is the only Mind Winder available right now in the Miami party rental scene. A very unique and fun ride for everyone! Can make a great addition to any large carnival or corporate event. Has 6 cars that can hold a maximum of 12 passengers. Holds children as well as adults. Requires a space of about 45’x45’x15’.
    Mind Winder
  • Description coming soon.
    Space Adventure
  • Description coming soon.
    G-force Gravity
  • Check out this mechanical swing! Similar to the ones seen at the Fair, this 8-seater swing set will thrill kids as well as adults. No longer will you have to experience this kind of excitement only at the fairs – it’s also great for fundraiser’s and Big Events. A great attraction! Requires a space of 30’x 40’x 8′ for set up.
    Mega Swings
  • Description coming soon.
    Whirlwind Turbo Tubs
  • South Florida’s Favorite Mechanical kiddie ride! Pony Carousel with farm animals holds 8 children ages 1 to 6, 110v/x20a, 16 x 8 x 12 space required.
    Pony Carousel
  • The most popular attraction on the midway!. Great for adults & Kids.
    Bumper Cars
  • The Pirate Ship has come in and dropped anchor! This beautiful amusement ride consist of an open seated ship suspended from a giant pendulum, taking riders on a wonderful voyage, as the vessel swings back and forth, soaring high above. Seating up to 16 children and 2 adults. Power is provided with the rental; To set up it requires 25 ft. in length x 18 ft. wide x 24 ft. height. Visit the MPE YouTube Channel to view our Pirate Ship movie:
    JR Pirate Ship
  • Take on the world on this incredible bungee ride! You are attached to the Trampoline Thing by bungee cords, and the higher you jump; the higher the bungee cords whip you into the air. Now I know what a yo-yo feels like! You can even do spins 20′ up in the air! This event is great fun, high profile, and can even be a fantastic workout,popular with all age groups. People jump as high as they feel safe to, and usually jump higher and spin faster than they ever dreamed they would! This item is sure to bring in a crowd of spectators and participants! Our Bungee Trampoline Thing has been a popularitem at all our Miami School carnivals and is fully portable, mounted on a trailer for a quick, safe and easy set-up. Requires a space of 15’x 15’x 20′ for set up.
    Single Station Bungee Trampoline
  • Just like the single lane except quadruple the fun. This ride is used for big festivals and carnivals that are expecting huge crowds.This is everyone’s favorite mechanical ride. Visit the MPE YouTube Channel to view our 4-Station Euro Bungee movie
    4-Station Bungee Trampoline
  • Description coming soon.
    50 ft Ferris Wheel
  • A corporate event or carnival cannot be complete without a Ferris wheel. This Mechanical Amusement ride is one of a kind in the Miami party rental industry. Holds up to 8 Children, ages 2-10. 110v/20a electricity required. A space of 16’x8’x14’ is required for set up.
    Kiddie Ferris Wheel
  • Gas powered trackless train holding 12 - 15 people of all ages. The only train of its kind in the Miami Party rental scene!
    Trackless Train
  • Mechanical bull rentals in Miami are a hit at any event large or small. Have competitions and see who can hold on the longest before the bell throws you off. Miami Mechanical bull rentals are a great crowd pleaser and sure to make your event a success!
    Mechanical Bull
  • The Go-Gator Mini roller coaster is a spectacular mechanical ride that you and the kids will love and remember for many years to come; Capacity of 8 cars accommodating two children per car, ages 1- 8 years old; To set up the equipment requires an area of 55 feet deep, 60 feet wide and 24 feet high; The electrical power required is provided by us with the rental of this thrilling amusement ride. Please call us for rates and availability. View more images or visit the MPE YouTube Channel to view our Go Gator Rollercoaster movie
    Go Gator Rollercoaster
  • Description coming soon.
    State Fair Slide
  • Gas powered trackless train holding 12 - 15 people of all ages. The only train of its kind in the Miami Party rental scene!
    Super Sonic
  • Description coming soon.
    Flying Dumbos
  • Description coming soon.
    Mega Fun Zone
  • Safe, Fun, Exciting, and Challenging. The perfect addition for…Fundraisers, Team Building, Corporate Picnics, school Carnivals, Grand Openings, City Events, Festivals, Trade Shows, Celebrations, Galas, School Events, Birthday Parties, or your own unique event! Our new 24 foot tall mobile rock wall is easy for our staff to install at your site. In only 15 minutes up to four climbers can simultaneously be scampering up the mobile wall. Please call in advance as this ride is Miami’s Hottest Party rental item being booked for all occasions! View more images or visit the MPE YouTube Channel to view our Rockwall movie
    24 Ft. Rock Wall
  • Hay Ride
  • Spider Mountain With Slide
  • Mechanical Surfboard
  • Flying Dragon

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