Pony Carousel

Pony Carousel

South Florida’s Favorite Mechanical kiddie ride! Pony Carousel with farm animals holds 8 children ages 1 to 6, 110v/x20a, 16 x 8 x 12 space required.

Mechanical Bull

Mechanical bull rentals in Miami are a hit at any event large or small. Have competitions and see who can hold on the longest before the bell throws you off. Miami Mechanical bull rentals are a great crowd pleaser and sure to make your event a success!

Kiddie Ferris Wheel

A corporate event or carnival cannot be complete without a Ferris wheel. This Mechanical Amusement ride is one of a kind in the Miami party rental industry. Holds up to 8 Children, ages 2-10. 110v/20a electricity required. A space of 16’x8’x14’ is required for set up.

4-Station Bungee Trampoline

Just like the single lane except quadruple the fun. This ride is used for big festivals and carnivals that are expecting huge crowds.This is everyone’s favorite mechanical ride. Visit the MPE YouTube Channel to view our 4-Station Euro Bungee movie

Toy Story Bounce House

If you want to celebrate with woody and buzz light year than this is the licensed module bouncer of choice! Available in 15’ x 15’ and can fit 10 children, 6-8 pre-teens, 4-5 teens, or 4 adults. Ask about our all day special rates!
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