4-Station Bungee Trampoline

Just like the single lane except quadruple the fun. This ride is used for big festivals and carnivals that are expecting huge crowds.This is everyone’s favorite mechanical ride. Visit the MPE YouTube Channel to view our 4-Station Euro Bungee movie

24 Ft. Rock Wall

Safe, Fun, Exciting, and Challenging. The perfect addition for…Fundraisers, Team Building, Corporate Picnics, school Carnivals, Grand Openings, City Events, Festivals, Trade Shows, Celebrations, Galas, School Events, Birthday Parties, or your own unique event! Our new 24 foot tall mobile rock wall is easy for our staff to install at your site. In only 15 minutes up to four climbers can simultaneously be scampering up the mobile wall. Please call in advance as this ride is Miami’s Hottest Party rental item being booked for all occasions! View more images or visit the MPE YouTube Channel to view our Rockwall movie

Tubs of Fun

Similar to the teacups mechanical ride seen at fairs but instead of teacups its tubs! A great thrilling ride for those that like to spin real fast! This mechanical ride has quickly become our hottest rental. Great for big events and carnivals. Who can spin their tub fastest? Requires a space of 40’x 40’x 6′ for set up.

Super Sonic

Gas powered trackless train holding 12 - 15 people of all ages. The only train of its kind in the Miami Party rental scene!